Our Vision & what we are about.

We are a collective of LOCAL designers, artists and entrepreneurs of clothing and art & décor. We are PROMOTERS & marketers of the same. Our passion and ethos can be summed up in words such as;

Bespoke, handcrafted, local, LUXURY, quality, ethical, inspiring, detailed, unique, harmonious, enhancing . . . . .

Our brand-new e commerce website, OSHUN BOUTIQUE GALLERY.COM, aims to establish a collaborative platform for sustainable business, supporting local creatives’.

The site aims to offer our clients, direct decorator /designer /artist solutions, inspiration and savings for their clothing and home lifestyle desires.

Our mission: is to create a ‘community’ who work together to help each other as one body with different skills, a working network of creatives and affiliate marketers.

Our Vision: To establish a national and international market and services platform to support local industry. We invite local interaction and input and the meeting of minds.

Our Goal: To become an International ‘goto’ site for designer and decorator products and to establish an international market for SA products, once we have established our national affiliate market sales force.

We believe in ethical & transparent business practices, including paying ‘living wages’. We aim to invest in our communities by acquiring funding for workshops and providing work and training.

One of our core ethics – to keep improving – and to, – never give up. We pray that you will help us to become more.